Friday, December 31, 2010

hmm=)i m back

nowadays,lazy to write blog
31 dec the last day of 2010=)
thx 3xiao
u all gv me a memorable junior 3

i hav UEC n PMR this year
i get 7As in UEC but 6As in PMR
stupid eng n sejarah( PMR)
mayb my cousins feels vey suprise y i only get 6As
hmm,i want say!!!!i m not the best=)
i m only a 平凡 girl=)
i happy jiu hao=)

mayb long time no write blog
now duno how to write blog ady
n dun wat to write

i love my friends
my dear friends=)
thx for accompanies me these 3years



bye 2010
hai 2011
happy new year=)

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